Films & Other Projects

This is a list of some of some my work. THE INEVITABLE was my very first feature film. I decided to edit it as an Art House Film due to some technical dificulties.

Poster size 14x21 Inevitabble Poster.jpg

Directors:  Joshua Michael

Assistant DirectorChristopher Hoard

Genre:  Horror / Psychological Thriller

This film is the one that started it all. It was shot on a three day schedual in 2012. This was my bachlor of arts final project. I decided to edit it as an arthouse film and pay Homage to all the great genres of the past. This was the very first feature film I ever directed. 


Behind The Scenes
ON SET with Director Joshua Michael FINA
ON SET With Director Joshua Michael

Directors:  Christain Ackerman

Director of Photography:  Christain Ackerman

Produced By: Selway Studios LLC & Fastcoast Films

Genre: Documentary


OFFICIAL SELECTION - First-Time Filmmake
Making A Music Video Poster 2select 1 fi
Making A Music Video

Directors:  Joshua Michael

Presented By:Joshua Michael

Genre:  Documentary


This documentary was a quick look at the process of music video production by Joshua Michael. He is getting ready to do an updated version of this documentary very soon.

FINALIST - FLICKFAIR - 2020 (1).png
EASY Official Music Video

Directors:  Joshua Michael

Lyrics and music by::  Michael McMath A.K.A. Zodeyak

Genre:  Music Video


EASY was a music video that reflected the inside turmoil of making hard work look easy and the struggle of the Hip Hop world as told by Mike McMath. 

KEEP IT G (Official Music Video)

Directors:  Joshua Michael

Assistant DirectorMike McMath

Genre:  Music Video

This music video is a look at some of Zodeyak's rougher days in the streets of Chicago.