Deep Waters - Web Series

Selway Studios is looking for crew members to help with the production of a new Web series. The following positions are needing to be filled.

1. Camera Operator / Cinematographer - Minimal experience excepted will be trained on-site.

2. Production Manager - This can be someone with minimal experience interested in learning this job.

3. Production Assistant


THE GIVEN DAYS - This is an exciting action/drama feature film. Many roles are available.



Production Internship - Internships are available upon request. All interns will study under an experienced director or crew member. Internships may be specific or cover a variety of crewmember areas. At the end of the internship, all interns will receive one or more certificates of completion specifying areas of knowledge signed by Executive Director Joshua Michael MS.

Internship Topics

1. Assistant Director - AD Interns will learn the job of the AD.

2. Camera Operator - Interns will learn how to operate and take care of the camera equipment. CO's will also learn camera techniques and how to shoot in both film sets and studio locations. 

3. Production Management - Interns will learn the job of a Production Manager.

4. Editing & Previsualization - Interns will work with a senior editor on projects for Selway Studios and personal projects with approval. 

5. Production Assistant - Interns will work with the Production staff on a variety of crew positions. 

6. Audio Engineering - Interns will be working with Audio Engineer Michael Furgason and may need to travel to Missoula at times.