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Joshua Michael
Executive Producer / Director 
International Award winning director
BAUHINIA AWARD - Hong Kong International Short Film Festival - 2022.png

Joshua Michael is a highly accomplished and respected individual in the film industry, serving as the Executive Director of Selway Studios and Selway Film Academy. With a strong commitment to fostering talent and promoting creativity, Joshua leads the charge in teaching the art of filmmaking to veterans and aspiring filmmakers seeking to transition into the captivating world of cinema. With over two decades of experience in the film community, Joshua's expertise is backed by a remarkable portfolio of award-winning directorial projects that have earned him recognition and praise from peers and audiences alike.

As an "actors director," Joshua possesses a unique ability to bring out authentic and compelling performances from his actors, elevating the storytelling to new heights. His passion for guiding and educating aspiring artists extends beyond Selway Film Academy, as he also serves on the Board of Directors for Montana Acting Studio, contributing his wealth of knowledge to help shape the next generation of talented actors.

Academically, Joshua's dedication to his craft is evident in his educational achievements. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Film Production, which laid the foundation for his technical skills and creative vision, and a Master's

degree in Instructional Design and Technology (IDT), further enhancing his ability to innovate and create impactful learning experiences for his students. With his rich background in both film production and instructional design, Joshua brings a holistic approach to teaching the art of filmmaking, inspiring and equipping his students with the tools they need to thrive in the competitive film industry.

RJ Gennari
Co-Director / Staff Writer

RJ Gennari.jpg

Richard James Gennari, was born in New York City at the close of World War II. Growing up he had an insatiable love for music which lead him through years as a singer, songwriter, and musician. In the early 70’s he developed an affinity for musical theater which lead him to perform in various productions. RJ spent over two decades as an elementary school teacher, and with his wife developed a very successful musical theater program in Alaska directing students in theater craft and Reader’s Theater. He has been to London three times to study Reader’s Theater and has developed scripts in that genre and taught other educators the technique of creating Reader’s Theater scripts.

RJ is the father of four grown artistic and creative sons in diverse corners of our country and the world. He graduated from the University of California, Riverside with a BA in Social Relations and was awarded a Master’s Degree in Psychology with a specialty in Forensic Psychology from Walden University in Minnesota. Currently, RJ has been working on the development of a feature-length film for Selway Studios with the two original scriptwriters. 

Dennis Shackleford
Creative Director


Dennis M Shackelford is a Creative Director, Ghost Writer, Lead Character Actor for Selway Studios LLC, recently starred in the Psychological thriller CheckMate as “Clint Miller” written and directed by Joshua Michael and R.J. Gennari. He has also performed in Slant Streets as “Vinnie” written by Davy Williams directed by David Flores, Drive! (short) as “Brian” written and directed by Dan Sullivan, Eye For Eye as “Judge Willard Peabody” Written and directed by L.J. Martin. His most recent project he plays “Clint Emmett” in a feature film called Blood Of My Tears. His main focus is becoming a fulltime actor and director.

Yolanda Goodvoice MBA
Buisness Managment
Teague Goodvoice
Cultural Advisor
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Amanda Bearmedicine


Harry Lee
Stunt Coordinator

Harry is a former veteran of the fire department, prison security guard, and the owner of Bitterroot Warrior Arts based in Corvallis MT.  Harry is one of six Masters in the United States belonging to a very special select group of martial artists. Harry is also the Stunt and Fight Choreographer for Selway Studios LLC.

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