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The Ancient
Genesis Of The Forsaken
Novel Series

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The Ancient is a novel series about a young woman who becomes a Vampire in the ancient world and the evil that wondered the Earth before the days of Noah.


'The Ancient; Genesis of the Forsaken' is an amazing storytelling journey that puts a very unique twist on legendary myths. Get ready to fall in love with these memorable characters! This Vampire tale has the intensity of Rice's 'Queen of the Damned' and sensual flavor of 'Twilight' series. - Chrissy K Mcvay

“THE ANCIENT '' is a unique vampire tale woven into an exquisite tapestry of fiction and non-fiction. I enjoyed taking this epic journey with Arikel, and watching her face each situation that presented itself to her. From her violation and transformation to finally letting her heart give way, hundreds of years later for love and friendship. This book is  a great example of the freedom of choice and how we can always choose to do the right thing despite our darker nature.”

- Elizabeth Sierra-Arruffatt


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ARIKEL: "You have all heard the legends and myths. Most of you are familiar with many different tales in sundry versions, rarely accurate and often fantastically far from the truth. Some believe Cain, son of Adam to be the first of our kind. Let me assure you Cain was not the first of my kind. I have never seen nor met him. After searching for some time, I believe Cain has vanished from the earth. Many of you have sought us out, in search of the dark truth.  Some of you have seen us in the shadows. But none of you know the truth! How do I know?

I know—


The Given Days

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The Given Days novel is now available for pre order in Digital format and available in paperback for hard copy on amazon and Kindle. The proceeds from this book will help us finish the film and release this amazing story world wide.

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“Having the best equipment in the world doesn't make you a good filmmaker. Working with a great team does!”

-Director Joshua Michael MS

Executive Director

Selway Studios LLC

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Film Projects

Chronicles of Alt-Earth - Testing Fate "Official teaser"

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Film Acadamy Projects & Tutorials
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PREMIERE TONIGHT @ 8pm Testing Fate is an epic part of the Chronicles of Alt-Earth story. Sovereign O’Quii of the

Maji’whajn is training Windwalker’s Apprentice, Wreath, While Windwalker is on sabbatical.

They are accosted by the Dregii warlord Parsons!

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Book Titles

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The Movie

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The Given Days - Grant Teaser

Festivals & Awards

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OFFICIAL SELECTION - First-Time Filmmake
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