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About Us & OUR Board of Directors

Selway Studios LLC is a Montana-based production company that is committed to making a meaningful impact in the film industry and the lives of individuals seeking new career paths. As part of its mission, Selway Studios operates a Non-Profit sister company, Selway Studios film academy, with a primary focus on providing comprehensive training to military veterans and professionals in transitioning careers, such as miners and truck drivers, who may be seeking new opportunities due to declining prospects in their fields. Moreover, Selway Studios actively encourages the involvement of young individuals from the local Bitterroot area, creating a close-knit community of filmmakers and enthusiasts.


Founded by Joshua Michael, a disabled military veteran himself, Selway Studios has a heartfelt dedication to assisting fellow veterans in finding gainful employment in Montana. Joshua's passion for empowering others has led to the establishment of the teaching and training production company, Selway Studios LLC, as a platform to impart valuable skills and knowledge to aspiring filmmakers.

The studio recognizes the unique qualities that military veterans bring to the film industry. With their innate understanding of structure, mission accomplishment, and timely execution, veterans effortlessly adapt to the fast-paced nature of production environments. They are an ideal fit for this industry, as Joshua Michael emphasizes.


In addition to supporting veterans, Selway Studios acknowledges the tech-savvy inclinations of today's younger generations. With many high school students already dabbling in video production, Selway Studios aims to serve as a Production House that provides training and guidance to those seeking to venture into the video and film production realm.

Through its captivating films, Selway Studios celebrates the rich history and scenic landscapes of Montana. One such project is "The Given Days," a poignant drama written by Joshua Michael, depicting the story of a Montana boy who leaves his hometown to serve and grapples with challenges upon returning home after discharge.


Selway Studios is committed to fostering local talent and contributing to the growth of the community. The company envisions collaborating with nearby colleges and universities to establish certificate programs encompassing various aspects of film production, including Production Assistant, Production Management, Directing, Camera Operation, Crane Operation, and more. Moreover, Selway Studios places significant emphasis on providing hands-on experience through practical on-the-job opportunities, enabling individuals to enter this thrilling industry with confidence.

As Selway Studios forges ahead, it envisions a future where veterans, students, industry professionals, and community members come together in harmony, united by their passion for film and storytelling. Through dedication, innovation, and inclusivity, Joshua Michael and Selway Studios endeavor to leave a lasting legacy that inspires and empowers generations to come.

“Having the best equipment in the world doesn't make you a good filmmaker. Working with a great team does.” 

-Joshua Michael MS

Board Of Directors

  1. Selway Studios Executive Director - Joshua Michael MS
    Executive Board Member
  2. Selway Studios Chairman of the Board - R.J. Gennari MS
    Executive Board & BOD member
  3. Selway Studios Director Of Photography - James Gartner

  4. Selway Studios Board Member, Writing Advisor - Pamela Gennari PhD
  5. Selway Studios Board Member, Business Management - Yolanda Goodvoice MBA
  6. Selway Studios Board Member, Creative Director - Dennis Shakelford
  7. Selway Studios Board Member, Cultural Advisor - Teague Goodvoice 
  8. Selway Studios Board Member, Cultural Studies - Amanda Bearmedicine
  9. Selway Studios Board Member, Minutes Keeper / SFX - Ken Gonella

Other Letters of Support
LOS from Steve Grover Montana Studios
LOS from Maureen Porter 
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