About Us & OUR Board of Directors

Selway Studios LLC is a Montana-based Not-for-profit production company & film academy with the main focus on the training of military veterans & other transitional careers like miners, truck drivers, etc. that may be looking for a new job, as their professions are declining in opportunity. We also encourage young people in the local Bitterroot area to join the Selway Studios Family. The owner is, himself, a disabled military veteran and interested in helping other veterans seek gainful employment in Montana. For this reason, Joshua Michael is establishing the teaching & training production company Selway Studios LLC. 

“Military veterans are perfect for this type of employment for several reasons. Veterans already understand the importance of structure, accomplishing the mission, and getting things done in a timely manner, they are easily adaptable to hi-speed workplaces. Military veterans are a perfect fit for this industry.”                                                                                                                                                – Joshua Michael Gennari MS

Joshua Michael also understands our younger generations are becoming very tech-savvy. Many of them already dabble in video production. For this reason, Selway Studios will be a Production House that trains high school students looking to enter the video & film production industry. 


Selway Studios will be creating films here in Montana that showcase some of our great history and locations. An example of this is the drama script written by Joshua, “The Given Days”. It is a story about a Montana boy that leaves his hometown and joins the service and his struggle returning home after being discharged. 

We will be hiring veterans, students, industry professionals, and others from the local communities. We will be working in conjunction with the local colleges and universities to establish certificate programs such as, but not limited to: Production Assistant, Production Management, Directing, Camera Operator, Crane Operator, and many more. Selway Studios will also be focusing on “on the job” experience for people looking to enter this exciting industry.

“Having the best equipment in the world doesn't make you a good filmmaker. Working with a great team does.”

-Joshua Michael MS

Board Of Directors

Each Board member took the time to write a letter of support. Click on the name to view LOS.

1. Selway Studios Executive Director - Joshua Michael MS
2. Selway Studios Chairman of the Board - R.J. Gennari MS
3. Selway Studios Board Member Executive Producer - Nancy Bevins MFA
3. Selway Studios Board Member, Writing Advisor - Pamela Gennari PhD
4. Selway Studios Board Member, Buisness Management - Yolanda Goodvoice MBA
5. Selway Studios Board Member, Creative Director - Melonie Wednt
6. Selway Studios Board Member, Creative Director - Dennis Shakelford
7. Selway Studios Board Member, Cultural Advisor - Teague Goodvoice 
8. Selway Studios Board Member, Cultural Studies - Amanda Bearmedicine
9. Selway Studios Board Member, Business Management - Catherine Crawford-Deriana
10. Selway Studios Board Member, Keeper of Minutes - Jane Mossaad

Other Letters of Support
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