Along with doing Short and Feature Films we also do a host of other jobs like,


WEDDINGS - Wedding videos start at $800.00 and can increase to $1000's dollars depending on location, and project complexity. We have video and photo packages. Please call or email to inquire about our Wedding packages.

COMMERCIALS - Commercials are priced based on project complexity.

INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS - Instructional videos start at $800.00 depending on location, and project complexity, and any instructional material needed to be created. . Please call or email to inquire about our Wedding packages.

MUSIC VIDEOS - Music videos are priced based on the number of shots, locations, and crew needed to complete the project. Music videos start at $500 for local music videos shot in western Montana and consist of two locations. The price will increase based on the number of locations and crew added. 

DOCUMENTARIES - One of our specialties is the Documentary. We tackle large and small documentaries with and without budgets.  

SHORT & FEATURE FILMS - We do both short and feature films. Selway Studios houses the ability to take Independent projects from beginning to end. 

SCRIPT WRITING - Selway Studios staff understands the importance of a well-written script. 

PREVISUALIZATION - Selway Studio is now proud to offer a previsualization service and to offer a 3d Previsualization storyboard product.