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Technical Viewing

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The Checkmate short film project started as an experiment to see if a newly formed independent film company “Selway Studios LLC (” could do a period piece on an extremely low budget. The project budget was just under a wapping $1000. This was the director’s first time shooting a western type story. The short film inspired a feature film script called “Blood of My Tears”. A glance into the Native American massacres during the civil war like the Bear River Massacre, and an interesting love story between a Cavalry officer who goes rogue, and winds up falling in love with a Blackfoot Chieftain's daughter. They then discover the prejudice surrounding them and their love for one another everywhere they go. This leads them to run into Clint Emmet, Capt. Colemans old friend and 1st Sergeant. These three then form the Coleman Gang and go after their fortune. They finally decide to settle down, which is where we enter the Checkmate story. 
The original script “Checkmate” was written nearly 10 years ago as a two man short script between a sheriff and an outlaw who meet for a deadly game of chess. Joshua Michael started working on a Native American script “Blood of my Tears” based out of Montana and adapted the original “Checkmate” into what you see today. Joshua Michael was then inspired to try to produce the Checkmate section as its own stand alone work as a proof of concept to the Aforementioned “Blood of My Tears”. 
Checkmate has been through several different renditions. The story kept its truth as a LOVE story. It pointed us down a very dark road with Coleen Randle not quite being what she appears to be. You will have to decide for yourself. 


Nominated for 7 Awards

“The Wild Bunch Film Festival”.  LINK to nominations 

  1. Best Western Short Nomination - Checkmate

  2. Best Actor (Western Short) Nominations 

    1. Joshua Michael Gennari

  3. Best Supporting Actor (Western Short) Nominations

    1. Dennis Morgan Shackelford - Checkmate

  4. Best Actress (Western Short) Nominations

    1. Amanda Bearmedicine - Checkmate

  5. Best Supporting Actress (Western Short) Nominations

    1. Amanda Bearmedicine - Checkmate

  6. Best 1st Time Filmmaker Nominations

    1. Joshua Michael Gennari & Melonie Rae Wednt - Checkmate

  7. Best Drama Short Film Nominations - Checkmate

Behind The Scenes

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