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Cast & Crew Call

Hello to all filmmakers and producers,

We are working on a marketing project for Montana called "Checkmate".

It is a Western-style 7pg. short script, produced by Selway Studios LLC ( Written By: Joshua Michael & R.J. Gennari & Directed by Joshua Michael & Tabatha Bettin. The Directors & Actors will be initially donating their time to complete this community project. This film project is meant to promote the Montana film industry and raise awareness of some of Montana's history and beauty. The project will consist of the short film “Checkmate” and a series of Behind The Scenes short documentaries talking about the film industry in Montana. The goal is to showcase Montana's rich history and inspire travel destinations like Nevada & Virginia city. We would also like to highlight the advantages of working with the Montana Film Office. We are looking to fill the town of Pine Bluff (Nevada City MT) and the Black Rose Saloon with town folks. All who come will be featured as extras in the film. We need cowboys, outlaws, barmaids, and any other western type characters.


This story begins like any good western, in Sepia, with a Texas Ranger aggressively riding across Montana. That's right, a Texas Ranger riding across Montana! As we come into full color when the Ranger steps into the Black Rose Saloon to find a killer, nothing is what it seems, except that the Texas Ranger really is in Montana, and the Outlaw, Zack Coleman really is a Bloodthirsty Killer! And it doesn’t take a scholar to figure out the Ranger is there to return someone to Texas to hang from the gallows. But first, a quick scholarly game of Chess.


We are looking to raise $5000.00 for this project. Selway Studios has put up $2000.00 (Cash) to secure the western town and film set. The rest of the money is to pay for 1-night two-day housing and food for cast & crew. Anything raised above this will go to pay the actors and crew. We are scheduled to shoot on April 19-20th in Nevada & Virginia City. We are inviting actors from all over to come and be part of this community project. We are looking to


fill the town & bar with folks from the old west. We are hoping to showcase the film on the Montana Film Office website or on one of its Youtube channels.


If you would like to support this project please feel free to email Joshua Michael or send a donation to our PayPal:


All donors will be given an associate/producer credit in the film.