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A young man suffering from PTSD is returning home to Montana after serving in the military and must face and try to rebuild the shattered remains of his past life with the young Native American girl he left behind.

The Project


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Our project engages critical reflection on the impact and

interactions between individuals. Justin Parker, an Army

Ranger, played by Jon Gennari SAG Eligible, Sierra Rainwater a Black Foot Indigenous Woman, played by Amanda Bearmedicine, Chris Taylor, an American soldier, and Max Turner Justin’s would be best friend.

Our story begins with the Army Ranger veteran Justin Parker, Played by Jonathan Gennari, who is returning from the war zone of Afganistan and his struggle with PTSD as he integrates back into his home in Hamilton, Montana. This is an important focus as the Executive Director of Selway Studios and the original story

concept creator Joshua Michael is himself a combat veteran who has struggled with the effects of PTSD. Much of the war sequences are quasi-biographical as are some of the interpersonal relationship scenes.

The film script began as a means for Joshua to write down his feelings about his experiences in Iraq and the implications of those experiences in his life as his attempts to fit back into normal everyday life.


Selway Studios is excited to present as its first feature film project since opening in Jan. 2020 a film that reflects our mission to support and encourage veterans who may be struggling with reintegrating into normal society and offering them on the job training in the film industry through Selway Studios Non-Profit Film Academy.

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An Epic Look without an EPIC BUDGET

Selway Studios LLC is excited to be creating an Action-Drama and recreating action sequences using one of the most exciting software in the film and gaming industries. The production value of the Unreal Engine software is changing the landscape of the film industry by putting more powerful tools in the hands of independent film makers. These tools are equivalent of having $500.000 to 1 million for CGI. In the hands of the right creators this software can create entire undiscovered or re-imagined worlds. In “The Given Days” the VFX team will be creating an epic landscape during the battle scenes. Since traveling to Afghanistan is impossible with a limited budget we will be bringing Afghanistan to Montana. We will be using this opportunity to showcase some of Montana’s landscapes while making clear you don’t need to travel halfway across the world to film in Afghanistan. Under the direct supervision of the director’s team these scenes will become a chilling experience for our audience as they become immersed into the vast desert landscapes of Afghanistan. Selway studios has invested thousands of dollars into securing the digital assets.

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